About Sudar Kitchens & Bathrooms Design

My reason for setting up Sudar Kitchens & Bathrooms Design was to provide an accessible, professional, and impartial design company. I provide a highly personalised service, with an emphasis on providing straightforward, honest advice and information. As my interest is in designing your kitchen or bathroom, rather than selling you my products, you are assured of getting what YOU want rather than what a salesman wants you to buy.

Independent kitchen and bathroom design

Independent designers offer a different way of getting a new kitchen or bathroom. There are several ways in which we differ from a designer based in a shop or showroom.

  • Independent designers work directly for the client, not for the retailer.
  • The design belongs to you, the client, so you can study it at your leisure and make all the changes you would like before committing to buy anything.
  • Independent designers aren’t selling anything other than our time, knowledge and skill.
  • We can produce designs using products from any source and any price level.
  • Independent designers charge a fee for our work. However, this is upfront and transparent rather than being hidden in a quotation for products and is more than covered by the savings you can make through savvy sourcing of your products.

Is an independent designer right for me?

Not everyone will want to pay for an independent design. There are numerous companies who offer free designs and many people are happy to follow that route. It is understandable however, that very few companies will give out detailed designs and product specifications until the client pays a deposit, and those who do give away their work for free will not be able to spend a great deal of time and effort getting the design exactly to the client’s specification. Ultimately neither option is really in the client’s best interest which is why more and more people are choosing to use an independent designer.

Suzanne - owner of Sudar Kitchens & Bathrooms

About Sudar

I initially gained my experience, knowledge and expertise working within my family run plumbing & heating company. In 2007 I started Sudar kitchens and bathrooms as a design and planning service, as well as providing a project management and sourcing of materials service. I am office based in Nottinghamshire and use ArtiCAD’s kitchen and bathroom design software, to create stunning 3D images, plans and design presentations. Computer aided design provides clients with photo realistic perspective visuals specific to them.

One area of my knowledge & expertise and that is often missed by showroom companies is ‘Compliance & Building Regulations’. These are an important part of designing and planning kitchens and bathrooms. It is essential that designers are familiar with the overall requirements set out by the LA., so as not to fall foul of notifying the LA before work starts or to use a company or individual on an ‘Approved Competent Person Scheme’ who can sign off their own works with the LA. Building regulations affect Electricians, Plumbers, heating engineers, kitchen fitters, bathroom fitters, builders, any trade working
within the building.

Over the past 12 years I have been privileged that my clients have put their trust in me to help them achieve the fabulous kitchen or bathroom to which they may have aspired to for many years. Please get in touch if you think I can help you with your kitchen or bathroom project.